Welcome to the Central North Island Social Sciences Association website. 

The Central North Island Social Sciences Association (CNISSA) is proud to officially launch their new website. CNISSA acknowledges the high demand on teachers’ time and their ever increasing workload, and hope to work collaboratively with teachers across our region to share resources, provide targeted professional development, and offer support. This year we hope to pilot an exciting initiative that looks at developing our students to see themselves as ‘Global Citizens.’ We will also work closely with the University of Waikato to offer opportunities for our students to develop their knowledge and interest in the Social Sciences. This website is in its early stages and there are some aspects that are yet to be populated. Over time we will add areas and refine areas to meet your needs. Should you wish to share your resources on our site then your contributions would be welcomed. For any specific requests or comments, contact the Secretary or Chairperson through the “contact us” section of this webpage.