Jnr SOS units and resources

In this section we bring to your unit plans, lesson plans and associated resources for different Junior Social Studies units. Not all AO’s have been populated yet as this is a work in process. If you have resources you would like to contribute please contact us through this website.

Achievement Objectives for Level 3 Social Studies
Understand how groups make and implement rules and laws.
Understand how cultural practices vary but reflect similar purposes.
Understand how people view and use places differently.
Understand how people make decisions about access to and use of resources.
Understand how people remember and record the past in different ways.
Understand how early Polynesian and British migrations to New Zealand have continuing significance for tangata whenua and communities.
Understand how the movement of people affects cultural diversity and interaction in New Zealand.
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Achievement Objectives for Level 4 Social Studies
Understand how the ways in which leadership of groups is acquired and exercised have consequences for communities and societies.
Understand how people pass on and sustain culture and heritage for different reasons and that this has consequences for people.
Understand how exploration and innovation create opportunities and challenges for people, places, and environments.
Understand that events have causes and effects.
Understand how producers and consumers exercise their rights and meet their responsibilities.
Understand how formal and informal groups make decisions that impact on communities.
Understand how people participate individually and collectively in response to community challenges.
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Achievement Objectives for Level 5 Social Studies
Understand how the Treaty of Waitangi is responded to differently by people in different times and places.
Understand how cultural interaction impacts on cultures and societies.
Understand that people move between places and how this has consequences for the people and the places.
Understand how economic decisions impact on people, communities, and nations.
Understand how people's management of resources impacts on environmental and social sustainability.
Understand how the ideas and actions of people in the past have had a significant impact on people's lives.
Ideas and Actions: Racial Superiority and Genocide

This unit explores "inherited ideas" rather than innovative ideas. The idea explored is "Racial Superiority" through the case studies of Rwanda and Nazi Germany, and then the subsequent action of genocide.

Understand how people seek and have sought economic growth through business, enterprise, and innovation.
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Education for Global Citizenship
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